Nintendo Space Fever Restoration 6 FINAL

So after the success of getting the PCB working, the final thing to do was to get this thing put together. Gave the monitor a clean up and dropped that in, after securing the main PCB and Sound board into the machine:


A small detail was adding credits. There’s no “Freeplay” switch on these old cabs, so I had to improvise. Anyway, there is a small hole next to the coin plate in the main body, so I found a tiny push button switch that fitted without hacking the cab, and wired up to the coin up socket on the board. Hey presto – nice neat solution:


Once that was done, I went for it, and in a flurry of activity, I cleaned up the top, and secured it to the hinges on the base. Printed off the instruction sheets and stuck those down. Regarding the glass top – the old one was full of scratches and was in really rough shape. Got a cash quote from a local glass supplier, and secured a new toughened glass sheet, cut to the correct size.

Got the new glass on, clips secured with new screws. Final tidy of everything and switched on.






There was one more piece of artwork which I got vectorized, and added this also. Here’s the final cab all finished:


Here’s what we started with:


And the finished product:


These are nice cabs to work with – with minimal effort, you can get some really satisfying results as you can see.

(Footnote – if anyone wants copies of the hi-res artwork I got done, just drop me a line via my ‘about page’ and I’ll gladly share the files with you.)

Thanks for reading. More restorations can be found under “Restoration Archive” at the top of the page.


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  1. Becky says:


    Love your restoration, I’m doing one myself.
    Could I have a copy of the artwork files for mine?
    They are all bleached from the sun!
    I’ve got the machine working and the screen looks good, new glass ready to go, just need to freshen up the art!
    I don’t suppose you know where I would get the artwork for the control panels? Mine are very worn and I was thinking of getting stickers made up to go over the top.



  2. Stunning resto Tony. A lot of effort but with different methods you bought it back from the dead.

    How did you clean up the name plate? Without rubbing of the black print?

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  3. cnlmoore says:

    Amazing restoration on this vintage Nintendo CT. Super impressed with the way it all came together and how beautiful it looks. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Graham says:

    Nice job, did you ever get the ROMs for Space Galaxy dumped to MAME and did you find anything more about it’s history?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tony says:

    I still have them here Graham. Best guess is it’s a bootleg of the Nintendo game Space Launcher.


  6. Adrian Kuney says:

    felicitaciones, gran trabajo, te quedo increible
    congratulations, great job, you look amazing


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