Arcade Manual Archives

Looking for an old manual or schematic for your classic arcade machine? I’ve archived a handful of links here that I use regularly. Do check each one – you should find what you are looking for to download here somewhere!

ARCADE BLOGGER – Arcade Manual Archive

TAMA – The Arcade Manual Archive

ARCHIVE – Arcade Manual Archive

TXTFILES – Arcade Manuals

CRAZYKONG – Arcade Manuals

PROGETTO SNAPS – Manuals Listed By MAME Title

STARDUST ARCADE – Arcade Manuals

JAMMAJUP – Arcade Manuals & Schematics

MIKES ARCADE – Pinouts & Dip Switch Info

ANTELOPE – Monitor Manuals, Schematics, DIPS, Cap Kit Lists & more

ELEKTRONFORGE – Atari Power Brick Info

ELEKTRONFORGE – Atari AR Board Identification

ARCADE OTAKU – Modern Games & Candy Cabs Manuals

BACK DOOR SHEETS – Several Back Door Schematic Sheets Ready To Print

DONKEY KONG TECH GUIDE – Tips for common repairs to Donkey Kong boards

I don’t own any of the assets found on these links – all credit is due to the site owners for collating and hosting these resources!

Special thanks to Tim Nicholls for the assets on the first link.