The TDE Podcast Ep 20: Gottlieb’s Krull developer, Matt Householder


Episode 20 of the Ted Dabney Experience podcast is available now for your listening pleasure!

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Matt Householder co-designed Gottlieb’s underrated arcade adaptation of Peter Yates’s ill-fated Krull, before going on to join Atari’s consumer division to work on home adaptations of video arcade hits. With his partner Candi Strecker he went on to create and produce the critically acclaimed California Games (and much more) for Epyx. We chat with Matt about programming in the Seventies, video poker, high-voltage electrocution, Tim Skelly and Komedy Krull.

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  1. Niall McMahon says:

    Nice touch telling Matt he was a no mark at the end. Enjoyed listening. Great to hear the space invaders love.


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