Classic Arcade News Feed: July 2019

Classic Arcade news time again here on the blog. This month, I’ve pulled out a bunch of interesting videos that I thought were worth sharing.

First up, classic arcade gaming Centipede will be 40 years old very soon, and has been re-mastered once more for the arcades. Announced this month, Centipede Chaos, can see up to three players taking the controls working co-operatively to earn redemption tickets as prises (such is the place we are at with arcades these days). Game play looks interesting nonetheless:

This next video is pure gold. Filmed at the English seaside resort of Lowestoft back in the early eighties, you can spot plenty of classic arcade cabinets in-situ. Footage isn’t the best quality, but you can make out lots of classic Taito and Atari titles including Asteroids Deluxe and Lunar Lander. American readers can get a sense of what arcades were like over on these shores during the Golden Era:

Last month I attended a classic gaming expo here in the UK, called Retro Revival in Walsall, and was asked to join a panel of classic arcade record holders to talk about my experiences with Missile Command. Hosted by Victor and Shaun from the Ten Pence Podcast, I was joined by John Stoodley (Pac-Man) and David Lyne (Galaxian). We share some tips and stories about our gaming achievements. It was a fun time, interesting discussion and worthy of a watch! (Thanks to Alex at Nintendo Arcade for the video)

Billy Mitchell is a name everyone here will be familiar with I’m sure. 2019 represents the 20th anniversary of Bill’s perfect Pac-Man game set at Funspot Arcade in New Hampshire. Although questions still remain as to whether Bill was the first player to achieve this feat, it was certainly the first time a perfect run was officially verified and recognised as such. To celebrate this achievement, Bill decided to try again to make a perfect run over Independence Day weekend. After a couple of failed attempts, he struck gold on Sunday 5th July and repeated a perfect game on the same cabinet he used exactly 20 years previously. Whatever you think of Bill and the drama surrounding his scores, it’s an impressive watch – you can view the full stream below. The successful run starts at around 2hrs 33mins:

Next up, a really nicely done mini documentary about Arcadia National Bar in Portland Maine. In the video’s own words: Arcadia was opened in 2014 by Dave Aceto and Ben Culver serving local southern Maine brews, classic pinball, arcade games, game consoles and tabletop gaming. Numerous arcades games and pinball machines that are decades old have been acquired by Arcadia and are kept running by Aceto and his staff. In an era where multiplayer gaming has permanently established itself online, Arcadia is also preserving and saving the person-to-person social element of gameplay. Looks like a cool place. Check out the video here:

This month sees the launch of a new YouTube channel by pinball maestro DCDan. In his first video, Dan takes us through the basics of how pinball machines work and shows us his maintenance routine. Worth a watch and a subscribe I reckon!

And finally, this video caught my eye. It’s a modern remake of Atari/Namco’s Pole Position arcade game from 1983. The original code was disassembled and reverse engineered using updated polygon graphics. The author is hoping to release the game soon. I think it looks great and will be keeping an eye on the project in the coming months. you can read more about the game here, and check out the footage below:

That’s your lot this week – hopefully something there of interest to everyone.

See you next time – I can smell another arcade raid story incoming!

Thanks for reading.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul B Arthur says:

    OMG that Lowestoft video! As an East Anglian that grew up around the arcades of the east coast that was amazing. I have so longed to be able to see the inside of the arcades I remembered from the eighties once again. Sadly although I must have been there, the pier in Lowestoft is not one I remember. But its so close damnit that I’m going to claim it 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ham Sandwich says:

    Love the Pole Position update. The signs at the side of the track are particularly entertaining.

    “Camon – a menace you can trust!”

    Liked by 1 person

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