The TDE Podcast Episode 11: Steve Golson of GCC

Episode 11 of the Ted Dabney Experience podcast is out now! If you enjoy reading, you’ll love the other project I’m involved with:

The imitable Steve Golson reminisces about his days evading Atari’s radar with GCC, subsequently being co-opted by the former for arcade classics such as the frantic Food Fight and the singular Quantum, and of course Crazy Otto (aka Midway’s Ms. Pac-Man).

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  1. Michael P Basal says:

    Hey Tony,

    Another great interview! One that filled in the blanks around GCC, Atari and Namco. In particular with the 30th anniversary Namco PacMan Arcade Party of which why only the home version has Ms Pac’Man on it. Now I have a clearer picture. Also, if I understood correctly, why the name “Betty” comes up on Atari’s Quantum high score table.

    All the Best,

    Mike Basal

    Sent from a collector of: ATARI, INC. A Warner Communications Company


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