The TDE Podcast Ep 22: Battlezone programmer Ed Rotberg

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The Ted Dabney Experience Podcast Episode 22. Click image to play this episode

In accordance with Theurer’s Law – named after Missile Command and Tempest programmer Dave Theurer, which states that every programmer’s first game will be a relative failure – Ed Rotberg’s first game for Atari, Baseball, didn’t exactly score a home run. However his sophomore title, 1981’s Battlezone, with its distinctive green XY monitor graphics and unique periscope-adorned cabinet is rightly regarded as one of Atari’s finest releases of the coin-op videogame Golden Age. You’ll also learn about Battlezone variants, such as the well-documented but still fascinating development of the Bradley Trainer (a version of the game adapted for military training purposes) and a unique Stereoscopic Battlezone that never left the lab.

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Featured image credit: Gregg Segal for TIME

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  1. Michael B says:

    Awesome interview with loads of gaming information with one of the greats, Ed Rotberg! That’s all that needs to said!


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