Missile Command: talkin’ loud, sayin’ nothin’

I posted a couple of weeks back a talk I gave about the development and some background of the classic arcade game Missile Command.

I thought I’d also share an old interview I gave to Manchester’s now defunct Channel M, back in 2008. Thankfully, some old wag uploaded much of their output for posterity to YouTube, including my little ditty. Having been pro-shot for television broadcast, and edited by people who do that sort of thing for living, I think it came out pretty well. A more youthful looking me talks about my discovery of the game, and the road to world domination on this classic title.

It’s just over 6 minutes long, so you may get something out of it, or you may just want to wonder why my walls were bare in my old house. Or wonder at the lack of grey hairs on my head, or lack of hair in general. Or you may choose to be spooked by the clock that’s ticking backwards in the background (which is a long story for another time). Either way, here it is. The show originally aired in January 2009 on terrestrial TV here in the UK, and was subsequently repeated on numerous occasions.

Happy viewing.

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