Pac-Man: A Lesson in Perfection

Couple of things for you to watch this week, rather than something to read for a change.

I wrote some time back about Jon Stoodley’s attempts to achieve a perfect game of Pac-Man. If you want to familiarize yourself with the contents of that article, go here.

Jon gave a great talk earlier this year at the UK’s Play Blackpool event where he discussed his journey with Pacman from playing as a teenager in the arcades of Liverpool back in 1982, through to finally achieving the perfect game last year, and I thought it worth sharing here. This is one of the best presentations I’ve seen on Classic Arcade Gaming, with a good balance of factual information, alongside an insight into the mindset of those of us who chase these elusive old scores.

I learned a great deal about the game that I didn’t know before.

The video of Jon’s talk is below, and it’s well worth a watch:

Do give the video a like while you’re there.

Second up, is Billy Mitchell’s Split Screen 101 video. Here, Billy shares an easy way of completing Pacman’s kill screen at board 256. Interesting stuff:

Thanks to Anthony Graham and the guys at Empire Arcadia respecitvely for these videos.

See you next week!


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