Golden Age Arcade Videos

Thought I’d keep quiet this week and share a few arcade-related videos that came across my desk recently.

The first is a short film from award-winning production company 3 Angry Men based here in the UK.

It tells a poignant story of arcade days gone by through the eyes of a couple of operators based on the Isle Of Wight. Richard and Peter have been in the industry, running their small arcade, since the late 70s. Although the thrill of the Golden Age of arcade video gaming quickly came and went, the arcade is still there. Hearing their stories of how things were back then is fascinating.

It’s exceptionally well shot and is worth a watch:

There’s another video on YouTube of the arcade as it was in 2013 – this time in larger premises – you can find that here. And another of the same place even further back in 2009 here.

Cool to see how the arcade has changed over the years.

The second video features Jon Stoodley, who is just one of seven people (and the only person in Europe) to have achieved a perfect game of Pac-Man.

We’ve spoken about Jon’s achievements before here on the blog, but I thought this short film tells his story in a great way.

This is the first in a series of videos made by the guys at Arcade Club taking a deeper look at players’ arcade gaming achievements. I’ve been invited to take part in one at some point in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

Again, it’s really well done, and you can check it out here:

Finally, here’s an interesting vid of a substantial collection of not only arcade games, but consoles too! Posted just last week, Joel, otherwise known as Last Gamer on YouTube shares his incredible collection for the world to see.

The arcade section starts at 13:10:


Normal service is resumed next week – see you then.


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  1. BlogMania says:

    I am from Africa where finding an arcade is as difficult as locating a phone booth. The old tech went as it came and now the market is dominated by the likes of Playstation and Xbox. It was super exciting to watch as by then I did not have the coins so I would go see people play. I believe if not for arcades, what we call high definition system and surround sounds would not be possible. It was among the first equipments to have very high volumes. Sadly they are extinct in my country.

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