Atari Tempest Restoration 3

So we were making good progress on this Tempest cabaret machine. As you’ve already read in the first two parts, we’d stripped down the control panel and gave it a clean. The spinner had been stripped down and needed a deep clean and refurbishment. I sourced some new bushes to fix the grinding noise that was present – this happens when the old plastic bushes wear out.

Here they are prior to install:


The original manual mentions “Nyogel” lube to keep the spinner working nice and smooth – again, a quick hunt around, and I sourced a small amount of the stuff. Applied it as per the manual using a cotton bud:


Rebuilt the spinner with the cleaned up parts (came up nice!), making sure the optical wheel is between the sensors and rebolted to the control panel:


Added the buttons and wiring:


The spinner is silky smooth and silent now. It’s not too loose either, just feels nice and smooth and weighty. Notice the bolts – these were repainted with metallic black paint (I use the Hammerite branded stuff):


And here she is – good as new:


Before and after pic:


Very pleased with that – it’s come up nicely. A few more jobs followed. Repainting the power brick that sits at the bottom of the cab – this essentially sorts out all the voltages that is sent to the various parts of the cabinet – the monitor, the main PCB board, the marquee light etc. It was pretty rusted up as you saw in the previous posts. Here it is being repainted using Hammerite gold paint:


Next up, cleaning the wiring loom. Two ways of doing this; either give it a wipe with a damp cloth, or do it properly and chuck it in the kitchen sink. I go for the latter option:




So we are in good shape to move on to the rest of the cab. More to come in part 4!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Fredrick Louis says:

    I’m surprised your so willing to fully immerse the wires, how can you ever be sure some moisture hadn’t fully dried and that it doesn’t short circuit anything?


  2. Tony says:

    I just make sure the loom is fully dried out for a couple of days David. Fortune favours the brave!


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