Atari Tempest Restoration 4

So after restoring the control panel and washing the wiring loom its time to turn attentions to the cab itself.

I mentioned that the cab was in decent shape, if a little grubby.

Unfortunately, the cab arrived without keys. This meant the coin doors were locked shut. I needed to get in. After 20 minutes of drilling and hammering things into it, I managed to pop the door and bust the lock open with a large screwdriver. No damage to the door though I’m pleased to report.

Now the obvious thing to do would have been to go in via the back door which was already removed, but it turned out that half the bolts that secured the coin door to the wood, also secured the cash box itself from the inside, so it was never coming off with out drilling, or just getting a sledgehammer to the whole lot.

Anyway, once in, I slid open the cashbox to reveal a nice surprise!



There’s about £20 in loose coins, some old floppy discs numbered 1 to 28 (mysterious), and two packets of Rizla. Nice! For the record, the £20 purchased two very nice bottles of chablis, which Mrs Arcade Blogger and I enjoyed over a good meal.

With that sorted, I returned to the power brick, which had now dried out. It had been stripped down, everything cleaned, base repainted with gold Hammerite paint and Big Blue capacitor replaced. Here’s the before and after shot. As it arrived in the cab when I first opened it up, and fully cleaned up, painted and restored:


Back to the cab. Here’s where we are at:


Time to remove the hardware and give it a respray. None of the hardware was in bad shape, a bit of rust here and there. But I want this cab to look new, so it had to be stripped! Enter a neat product – Nitromors. No idea what this is called over there in the US, but it’s basically the devils blood – eats through paint like nobody’s business.


Apply it to the metal door. Leave for 15 minutes and give it a wipe off. Here’s what it does:


Top tip. Do not drink Nitromors.

Out with the spay cans again – this time, three coats of gloss black Hammerite paint:


With that done, rinse and repeat on the other coin door, the marquee holder and other metal parts. It all came out good:


More spraying. The speaker grille was showing signs of rusting. Being held on with studs, it was best to leave it in and just mask off the rest of the cab.


And here’s the finished result:


So we’re in good shape. Hopefully when the cab is put back together we’ll be able to reap the benefits of these renewed component parts.

Nearly there! Part 5 next!


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  1. Paul Brannan says:

    Hey,,did you check what was on the floppys?


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