Weekend Pickup! Arcade Parts Haul

One of the drawbacks of maintaining a blog is constantly wondering if you’re getting things right, so it’s always useful to receive comments from readers. I’ve had a variety of questions, opinions and feedback via my ‘contact’ page. The blog medium doesn’t lend itself to two way dialogue, so it is always reassuring to know that what I’m doing here each week connects with a group of people who feel motivated enough to drop me a line. If you feel inclined to get in touch, you can do so via the menu above.

A few weeks back I received an email from a subscriber who mentioned that he had a few parts I might be interested in. Digging a bit further, it appeared that the parts were the left over inventory from of old arcade operator who had since given the business up. A series of events (that I won’t bore you with) meant some of the old inventory was now lying idle.

I asked for a few pictures of what was there and saw a few things that would indeed be useful as spares. I had an old friend who I was due to catch up with in the same area anyway, so booked a day off and made the long trip up north to see what I could find.

On arrival at the location I was taken on a tour around various buildings – we started in a garage area. This seemed to be full of old fruit machine parts. Not my thing, but interesting to see nonetheless:


None of that is of use to me at all, so I passed on it. Digging a bit deeper revealed a few PCBs that looked more promising:


Wasn’t sure what most of that stuff was, but these are Atari AR2 boards. They are always useful as spares, and if nothing else, there’s always a demand for these within the community:


Pulled out a handful of those. Some cocktail and fruit machine glass were stacked up against a wall. I noticed an Asteroids table top glass amongst the pile:


We then walked to an outside shed, and after removing some general household junk were greeted with this sight:


It was pretty rammed. Again, mostly fruit machine related PCBs, power supplies and coin mechs – not my thing:


Someone could use those old fruit machine reels surely? But there were a few monitors:


I picked up three in total. Inside the drawers were old manuals. I was allowed to go through them and grabbed a bunch of old video game and monitor documentation. We dug through more bagged up spares, interesting looking boxes and power supplies:


Found a couple of Atari PSU’s amongst that pile.

So after an hour or so of picking through what was there, I ended up with a nice little haul of stuff:


I donated a couple of the monitors to the guys at Arcade Club in Bury (write up of that place is incoming BTW) as they were VGA based and I had no use for them, but kept a nice little 15 khz 14″ Kortek ready for restoration, which I’ll detail here at some point. The AR2 boards looked complete for the most part, and the two Atari power supplies were pretty rough but would be useful for someone in the hobby.

I know a guy who is into older fruit machines, so was able to hook him up with the seller, so hopefully everything else will be bought and saved at some point soon.

So not the biggest haul by any means, but I was lucky enough to be able to sort through what was there and take away some vintage video arcade parts that I can use or sell on to other collectors, which will easily pay for my trip. Also satisfying to be able to help someone out and hook them up with other hobbyists who can make use of the other stuff and get it all cleared away.

All in all, it was a good day out!


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  1. neil1637 says:

    I will never tire of hearing or reading about these mini stash finds. You just never know what you might be lucky enough to uncover. Well worth the effort. Wish I’d known desperately trying to grab a little 14″ monitor for current project. Must be patient…

    Liked by 1 person

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